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Frosty Friday #4 – The Wife / Face Freestyle – Jay Carteré

The fourth installment to frosty fridays!!

Two songs for the price of one!

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Get Involved Or Get Lost

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Frosty Friday #1 – Ambition – Jay Carteré


Check out my new freestyle over Wale’s ‘Ambition’

Let me know if you have any requests for Frosty Fridays #2


Get Involved Or Get Lost


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Moment for life – Jay Carteré – BEHIND THE SCENES


The behind the scenes footage from my Moment For Life Freestyle Vid,  a few laughs for you 😉 .


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Get Involved Or Get Lost

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I’ve currently been constructing my next mixtape, I’ll start releasing music from it soon, BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

Every track is a bangerrrr, i aint even being biased. This shit be WILD yo!

I’ll release the title and cover soon, then followed by videos of each track.

Let me know what beats u think i should freestyle over, before all is recorded and ready ;).





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Rick Ross Is Guilty Of Murder!

Murdering instrumentals that is, come on, we both know Rick Ross is a stranger to crime; unless he’s fighting it and keeping the peace. Anyways this post isnt about me dissing Officer Ricky, This is me giving props to the big fella. Although most of his recent stuff sounds like the same song recycled over and over again, his feature on Lil Wayne’s ‘John’ was ‘Magnificent’, haha, you see that? Coz magnificent was one of Rick Ross’ Singles, No? Wasnt funny? Well neither are you!

Anyway this song establishes Rick Ross as a WILD artist once again, the vid’s below.

P.S Ross couldn’t stand making shit music anymore, so in this vid he hopped in a wheelchair.

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The actual ‘Get Ready Vol 1’ Mixtape cover!

First of all, this mixtape started off as a side project to get everyone ready for ‘Get Involved 2‘ hence the title ‘Get Ready‘.

However after creating a shoddy cover for this side project, i realised all the work i release must set a certain standard,

because of that, I have a new cover for the mixtape, Enjoy!

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Tracklisting For Get Ready Vol 1 – Jay Carteré

Spread The Word And GET INVOLVED!!

Title - Get Ready Vol 1
Artist - Jay Carteré
Release Date - 19/05/2011
Website - https://jcmpire.wordpress.com

Tracklisting - 

1. Lyrical Murder
2. Slow Down
3. Airplanes Freestyle
4. Cant Be Friends
5. Champion
6. Poppin Bottles Freestyle
7. Winter Flow
8. Striptease
9. Drop It
10. Gold Digger
11. DHD Freestyle
12. Listen
13. No Hands

You Can Download The Mixtape Free By Signing Up To Jay Carteré's Mailing List Here - http://eepurl.com/duBO1
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Jay Carteré – Cant Be Friends Video Release!!

A video for ‘Can’t Be Friends’, a song from the new ‘Get Ready Vol 1’, will be released for public consumption on


The  release date for ‘Get Ready Vol 1’ will also be released on the said date.

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Get Ready Vol 1 Mixtape Cover! Soon To Be Released!


The tracks are done and I’m releasing the cover!

Theres 13 tracks in total, and it’ll be available as a free download to those subscribed to my fan list

Subscribe to the fanlist here

I’ll be releasing the tracklisting very soooooon.

And Videos HERE

Keep up to date!

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Weezy’s (Lil Wayne) Tha Carter IV Album Cover + Tracklisting!

The cover features Lil Wayne in the midst of his teens, with a smart little bowtie, awwww (no homo)

Also here is the  tracklisting:

1. Tune This
2. Team Player – feat. Birdman
3. Fore Play
4. They Love Me – feat. Drake & Nicki Minaj
5. John (If I Die Today) – feat. Rick Ross
6. No Competition
7. Holy Grail (History) – feat. Kanye West
8. Carter Cash – feat. Jay-Z
9. 6 Foot 7 Foot – feat. Corey Gunz
10. Play My Game – feat. Tech N9ne
11. Anne – feat. Swizz Beatz
12. Street Life
13. Hard Talk – feat. Bon Iver & Game
14. Fall From Grace – feat. Eminem
15. Brain Dead – feat. Gucci Mane
16. No Trust
17. Maybe She Will – feat. Drake & Rick Ross
18. My Legacy

This seems to be quite the album to behold featuring the likes of Rick Ross, Drake, Gucci Mane, Eminem and Kanye West!

Unfortunately, Birdman’s involved yet again. *Sigh*

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