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From the title of this post, you may have assumed there was brown snow everywhere made of fudge looking like god took a huge dump on the city of london, your near the truth. Although the sheet of snow covering london is indeed white, God has seemed to have taken a smaller dump elsewhere, upon my life.

You see prior to me writing this post I had hopes, hopes and dreams of enjoying a Chinese takeaway while watching the new series of Dexter and Supernatural. My dreams however, were swiftly turned into nightmares, I proceeded to order a Chinese takeaway from HungryHouse.com, but was first disappointed as due to the random snowfall, the restaurant chose not to take my order, bitch ass niggas.

However my night was not over yet, I chose to place a second order, and my order was successfully accepted. Things were looking up for me, or so I thought.

An hour later I was called by the restaurant notifying me that the driver had an accident, whoop diddy woo!

Keep in mind I have not yet been refunded for any of these transactions, so basically it looks like I’ve paid for two meals I am not going to receive and I am forced to hold hunger at bay with biscuits, very nice biscuits though, some chocolate oat choc chip biscuits. However this is not sufficient at all, and I am pissed off, therefore, FUCK SNOW.

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