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Tulisa (N- Dubz) Sex Tape!!

Tulisa’s Alleged ‘Sex’ Tape was released yesterday, and what can i say?

Well first of all, I can say I dislike the use of the word ‘alleged’ in this matter, because the use of that word suggests that there is a chance that it is NOT Tulisa, but anyone familiar with her big nose and cute smile will know, there isnt a shadow of a doubt.

Next I just want to express my dissappointment and disapproval, I do not approve that this can be called a ‘sex’ tape, as it wasnt near sexual enough. I mean, licking the tip of some willy is childs play, literally, I swear, females are wild these days SMH.

What a disappointment though, the hype surrounding it gave me the idea that it was going to be AMAZING, bare bb broadcasts, tweets and gossip all over the gaff.

But when it actually came down to it and I finally viewed this ‘Tape’ I was more depressed than aroused. Not because im some saddo, no no no. But because I got respect for that Fazer guy, even though he’s a shit rapper, he produces some hits, and no one, whatsoever, should be subjected to such wack head.

Damn it was wack. No wonder they split up.

The vids not on the internet anymore apparently, but good riddance, it was shit anyway.

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