About Jay Carteré

Uk rapper Jay Carteré is a suave, hard hitting lyricist with explosive punchlines and a flow that  even the sea would envy. He possesses commercial appeal like that of  Tinie Tempah fused with the hardcore energy fueled aura of Meek Mill. Versatility is no opponent as Jay Carteré can construct masterpieces for the streets, the radio, the females and the fellas.

”  “Crazy” is an acoustic cross hip-hop single where Jay Carteré delivers every line with such charisma and passion. The chorus has a vocalist who balances out this hard hitting hip-hop masterpiece wonderfully with his indie style. This release has proved Mr Cartere has taken the right step with his material. ” – Says Multi , a fellow urban artist that has been received airplay on BBC 1Xtra. ‘Crazy’ will be a single released from ‘Snickers + Pringles’

Jay Carteré is currently working on his third mixtape entitled ‘Snickers + Pringles’, the title is a reference to the versatility of the mixtape ; half will be ‘pop’ ‘light’ songs – ‘Pringles’  and the other half will be ‘nuts’ and ‘gritty’ – ‘Snickers’.  Every track will also have an accompanying music video.

The mixtape will be available for free download because everyone likes free stuff.

Jay Carteré starting rapping at the age of 13 along with school friends, writing songs and recording as a hobby while promoting his material throughout his school. He then developed himself into an efficient lyricist and released his first mix-tape at the age of 16 in December 2010, this received a large number of downloads and songs uploaded on youtube gained thousands of views.  Following this release Jay Carteré released another mix-tape entitled ‘Get Ready Vol 1’ in May 2011 in order to build his mailing list which is steadily growing.

Jay Carteré has high hopes for his next project, with plans to send it to many blogs, press and promoters, hopes to get it in the hands of effective venues, managers, agents and labels and ambitions to impress and captivate existing and potential fans.

Be sure to lookout for ‘Snickers + Pringles’ as every song on it shall be a masterpiece, constructed with the utmost care and sculpted into truly beautiful music. Updates on the project can be found on JCMpire.com.

For Business/Booking/Advertising Enquiries –  Email: Jay@Jcmpire.com


2 thoughts on “About Jay Carteré

  1. greezyguyN15 says:

    your shit dpmo I admit u got sick punchlines n a great floww , but u think ur like meek millz n tincy stryder lmffaaoo everyone know yu wrote about jay catere yur self cause yur stuck up yur own arse do everyone a favour and stop rappin cause yur swag and get a real job!! serious, I’m a dickhead anyway tbh ur hard man, I dunno what I’m saying. I need Jesus

    • JCMpire says:

      Fam, it confuses me that you’ve got the time to be doing this. You’re evidently unhappy with your life and full of unfulfilled dreams. Honestly I just hope u can find a dream then chase it, so u can be focused on something and have less time to do silly things like this. Maybe then u won’t be so angry at the fact that only ur mummy loves you, I bet u hate on her too. I’m really worried for u bro, u seem like u need some vagina to ease ur stress and help u stop acting like one. Take my advice mate, and next time quote things properly, it says tinie tempah, not tinchy stryder. Anyways I got shit to do homie. Peace.

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