A Brief History of Swag

Dot Dot Dot #SWAG #SWAG

Pigs in Suits

The word “swag” is seemingly becoming more and more prevalent in today’s culture. It has burst onto the mainstream scene from relative obscurity over the past five years and shows little intent on slowing down. To fully understand how this has happened, the origin of the word must first be understood. A common misconception is that “swag” is a shortened form of the word “swagger”, “swag” is indeed its own word dating back to 1593, meaning controlling influence. Previous to this definition, “swag” meant loot or booty. Numerous prestigious authors have used the word “swag,” a word that many people consider slang. One ample reason that people interpret “swag” as slang is the use of the word in hip-hop lyrics and in the media.

The first time that I was introduced to the word through hip-hop was in “All I Need” by Jay-Z, which was released in 2001. Like numerous…

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