Loving Haters Is Dumb. (Confessions of a hater)

It’s common misconception that ‘haters’ increase ones popularity, or help an individual attain fame and stardom.  No no no this is not the case.

A professional hater, such as myself would never be foolish enough to indirectly promote an individual whom I deem distasteful (Shit). A seasoned veteran in the art of hating such as myself would take extreme measures to ensure no one around hears of the individual in question.

The only point at which a hater expresses his/her feelings is when the subject that is being hated on, is brought to public attention. The job then, of the hater is to dismiss the subject in question to the audience whom are viewing and attempt to persuade said audience to endorse the haters opinion, a skilled hater is extremely proficient in the art of persuasion and will most definitely not boost your career, a skilled hater will negatively affect your career severely in the name of good taste.

The stereotype attributed to us honest haters is a negative one, and i am writing to defend our way of living. The majority of people mistake us haters for simply inexperienced jealous bastards, these jealous bastards are the people who aid a persons career by speaking negatively of them.

Jealous bastards take any opportunity they can to discuss the career of the person they are not fond of , a hater silences any talk of the person they do not like. Jealous bastards stop you from pursuing your dreams, in fear that you may become successful. A hater only criticizes you when you become awful.  Jealous bastards want to be in the positions of those they speak negatively about. A hater would hate to be the person they are hating on. Get it?

So someone who claims they love haters, is ignorant and misinformed. Having haters only proves that someone doesn’t enjoy your work. However, although I don’t love haters of my work, I appreciate the fact that my work has reached a wide enough audience that someone who will not enjoy it has found it. Its an amazing feeling to know that due to all your marketing and promoting, you’ve actually breeched your target market and reached further than you even attempted. Someone who claims they love the fact that someone does not like what they do is illogical and downright dumb, on the other hand loving the fact that your piece of work has reached such a large number of people that opinions are diverse is understandable.

On that note, i only hope that upon finishing the reading of this post you can understand that a hater is not someone who you should love for hating your work, thats plain dumb. And that jealous bastards are dumbasses you shouldn’t be around, also having haters and no fans does not mean that people are ‘jealous‘ of your ‘amazingness‘ it means your shit.

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